How to Find Best Cookware Sets for Home Cooking

A few years ago, I got a job, and I had to move out of my parent’s house. The job was in another city, so I had to buy everything for the new house. During my farewell party, my best friend brought me a magazine on home and living to get me started.

The magazine contained an article on how to find the best cookware sets, and this got me interested since I love cooking.

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Every Home Needs A Complete Kitchen

We all know that a house is incomplete without a functional kitchen. For people who don’t consider ordering take-out an option, a kitchen that doesn’t have good cookware is a nightmare. Being one of those people who would rather cook than order food from a restaurant, I have to pay attention to my kitchen needs. That’s why I set out to get the best cookware set for my kitchen.

Preparing Tasty Home Cooked Meals

While preparing a good meal requires the best cookware sets, I had never needed very expensive cookware to create simple, hearty food. Now that I will live alone, I need to buy a cookware set. As I read on I discovered that most of the time people buy large cookware sets but end up with pieces they do not need.

My Cookware Side Quest

In my quest for the best, I considered the small details that would make my life easier when cooking. I chose pots and pans that have handles and lids, both heatproof, so that I don’t burn my hands when cooking. Same for the wooden and plastic cooking spoons. I considered the pan sizes, both width and depth, keeping in mind the type of food I was likely to cook often, and the quantity. The last thing I wanted was to carry home a small pan for cooking pasta that would result in spillage all over my oven.

Cookware Picking Tips

Here are some of the tips to consider: You should consider the type of material used. Since I required a long lasting cookware set, I had to look for non stick cookware that will not scratch easily. My best bet is hard anodized cookware. They are non-porous, and food does not stick even when overcooked.

Cookware Ergonomics and Dimensions

The second thing I looked up was the size and type of the cookware. The best cookware sets should have various types of highly functional pans. It should also be of high quality, and I should only get what I need. The set should contain one kind of every pot and pan for my everyday use.

Why I Opted For Non Stick ?

Lastly, and this was very important to me, I ensured that each pan I bought was non-stick. I’ve been trying to lose weight and therefore, don’t use a lot of oil in my cooking. With nonstick cookware, I’m able to use a little oil and not worry about the food sticking to the pan. What’s more, it’s always a good thing to know that I’m getting the support I need from all quarters, even my cookware.

My Love-Hate Cookware Relationship

The handles for all the pots and pans should be well attached, durable and comfortable to hold. Quality sets save money and are long lasting; I opted to choose a set of one color, orange was my favorite.


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