Mistakes You Probably Make When You Brew Coffee

Coffee is brewed in the houses of millions around the world each and every day. The sheer amount of coffee that we go through is truly staggering when you think about it. However, while most people think they know just how to brew a great cup of coffee, often you will find that they all make many common mistakes when they brew coffee.


These mistakes can drastically alter the taste of your coffee preventing some of the best flavors from ever being enjoyed. Unfortunately, most people don’t even know they are making these mistakes. So, before you brew your next cup of coffee, take a few moments to consider these 20 mistakes that you probably make when you brew coffee to see if you are guilty of them when you make coffee.

If you are, it is time to change that behavior once and for all so you can start brewing simply amazing cups of coffee that will impress not only you, but your family and friends as well. If you are serious about brewing the best cup of coffee, you should take the time to recognize your mistakes and correct them so you can enjoy the best cup of coffee each and every morning.

1.  Your coffee isn’t fresh.

There is nothing worse than a stale cup of coffee, but so many people use coffee that is old and out of date. If you wait too long, the gases responsible for the best flavor in coffee beans will escape giving you a tasteless and sometimes bitter cup of coffee.

2.  You aren’t buying quality coffee.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to coffee. While that bargained price coffee might seem attractive to your wallet, that doesn’t mean your taste buds will agree. Be sure you purchase high quality coffee every time you head to the store to replenish your supply. You won’t be sorry.

3.  You are not measuring the proper amount of coffee.

How many times have you haphazardly tossed in coffee into your filter when brewing your morning pot of coffee? While it may be difficult when you are still groggy in the mornings, if you want a truly spectacular cup of coffee in the morning take the time to measure out the proper amount of coffee for the amount of water you are using.

4.  Poor brewing methods.

Different brewing methods create different quality cups of coffee. While that Mr. Coffee may seem like an easy way to get a cup of java, it isn’t necessarily the best way. Try using a pour over method or a French press for a better cup of coffee.

Source from Roasty Coffee

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