A $10 coffee?


Ottawa’s newest Starbucks opened Thursday on York Street in the ByWard Market.

Ottawa’s newest Starbucks, which is to open Thursday on York Street in the ByWard Market, will be unique in Canada for the global chain and serve its most expensive premium drinks, including siphon-brewed coffee that costs $10 for a “grande” cup.

The two-storey location at 62 York St. — previously the home of the bar Fat Tuesdays downstairs and the Velvet Room upstairs — will feature what Starbucks calls “an experiential Reserve coffee bar.”

The first in Canada of such Starbucks bars, it will be staffed by “coffee master” baristas who will use “state-of-the-art brewing techniques” to make coffee from “small-lot Reserve coffees,” a press release says.

At the Reserve coffee bar, there will be seating on three sides to allow customers to watch the baristas at work.

The shop will also introduce a new concept called Starbucks Evenings, where a selection of wine and craft beer will be sold after 4 p.m.

“We know our customers are more curious about coffee than ever before and this new experience places coffee craft at the centre of the conversation,” said Rossann Williams, president of Starbucks Canada.

The Starbucks will also serve its traditional coffees as well. But while at a usual Starbucks, a grande Pike Place coffee costs $2.35 including tax, the reserve bar’s prices, depending on the coffee brewed, will be $4 for a reserve cold brew, $4 for a nitro cold brew, $8 to $10 for a flight of coffees, and $10 for siphon-brewed coffee.

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